Teach Me How To Cry

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Teach me how to cry The play I attended was "Teach me how to cry", a story about a small town during the 1950's, focusing mainly on an emotionally challenged family. The story is about a young girl in her teens who is constantly ridiculed at school and lives with her mentally challenge mother. One day a new boy comes to town, and they begin to see each other. Many obstacles confront them before being able to really open up and express their feelings to one another. All though the play ends with the couple parting, you can see the emotional mark they had left.

The costumes that were used were typical fifties clothing, mostly in a plaid design, which were very plain in my opinion but effective to portray the decade. The set was divided into 3 parts, the Grants' living room, the Henderson's' kitchen, and the middle section was used for the top of an abandoned building, the school, and a park.

The spotlight focused on the area that was being used at the time so there was no confusion. The music was fifties music by Louis Armstrong, which helped epitomize the fifties theme.

I think I can relate most to Will in the play because I was once ridiculed at school as a kid, and can understand what it's like to be excluded and singled out from classmates. The actor that portrayed Will did a good job, but I would have pictured Will's character to be shyer and not as outgoing as he was. Also, I think the character that played Miss Robson did a good job as well, but I would have pictured her character too be more strict and mean.

I believe that people who grew up during the fifties era would enjoy the play because it would spark memories and they would be able to reflect on how life was back then. I think teens would enjoy this play as well because I believe it would give them a great appreciation for all the luxuries they have that weren't available back then. I also think that people with appreciation for a strong play with a simple set should attend this play. I personally found the play very moving because of its strong dramatics. The characters were well portrayed and I found it to be a very enjoyable production.