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TATTOOS? Eagles, butterflies, suns, devil like figures and crosses are just some of the objects people are getting permanently tattooed on their bodies. But, who are these people, and why do they mare their bodies? I think they can be broken up in to four groups. There are the "bikers," the "freaks," the so called "one and done" group, and the artists themselves, displaying their talent on others and their own bodies. The reason depends generally on the person getting the tattoo, but there are general reasons for each of the groups.

Motorcycle riders or "bikers", for example, usually have a few tattoos on their arms and other noticeable areas. These tattoos are typically eagles, flags, and/or Harley Davidson logos. Over the course of time, these markings have faded from their once bright and lively colors to a duller bluish black color. Almost every biker I've seen has at least one tattoo.

The typical reason for this is to show their pride. The eagle can represent something, or in this case, someone flying. When these men and women are on their bikes, they can be described as "flying" down the roads. The infamous Harley-Davidson logo can be seen anywhere bike shops are. It is one of the more recognizable symbols. It is tattooed on the body to show the pride they take in riding the Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Then, there are people that want to stick out from the "normal" everyday crowd. There is not a particular word that would describe these people. They are the ones that have the piercings all over their body, wear the big baggy mismatched clothes, and have tattoos in places you wouldn't normally expect to see them. These people get tattoos to express their own personal style. They can vary from anything like...