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"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times" is the first line which opened A tale of two cities by Charles Dickens. In France there was a widespread hunger and poverty, particularly in the cities where the inflation was running out of control. The authorities inflicted heavy punishments on their citizens who believe that they are experiencing the very worst of life. For example, in France, nobles were the highest class in the country. One day, wheels of Marquis's, a nobleman, carriage run through a child, Gaspard's child, which killed him. Marquis was not even upset about it. To placate Gaspard, Marquis tossed a gold coin at him. An example of nobles experiencing good life is that when a great nobleman called Monseigneur held court in his Paris apartments and his four servants served him a cup of chocolate. He couldn't be bothered with affairs of state because he spent the night at the Opera.

Moreover, he had powerful friends, including the common-born but very rich Farmer-General to whom he forced his sister in marriage. Doctors, businessmen, even soldiers all bowed to Monseigneur's wishes, and everyone dressed in the latest fashion to please him. The nobility's life of excess and total disregard for the lower classes gave people to revolt against nobility.

In addition to, the first line is also referring to England. Similar conditions were also experienced in London, people were too scared to walk in the streets because they feared being robbed or arrested, but some people were having very good life. For example, Dr. Manette and his daughter were having honored life in England. Everyone respect him. In London where there was widespread crime and violence due to the ineffective judicial system. However, the ruling classes were oblivious...