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This video was about the brief history of the Internet. Starting with only 5 million people using the Internet, 62 million people used the Internet in about just 2 years. Internet is a good source for entertainment, education, news, sports, research, etc. With Internet, people can communicate with each other around the world easily. An English programmer, Tim Burners Lee in Geneva, Switzerland, first invented Internet. His biggest success was to give an address to everything on the web. However, 20 years ago Ted Nelson had discovered hypertexts.

Web is a collection of a small bunch of tech. Through the Internet, our lives have become easier. For example, we can buy and sell things on Internet. Internet wasn't just for nerds anymore because of browser, which opened up the Internet for everyone. Brower made information on the Internet easier to find and more interesting.

Netscape was created by Jim Clark and members.

Between 1994 and 1995, Netscape was the fastest growing company. Netscape succeeded greatly until Microsoft came along. Bill Gates was the founder of Microsoft. It succeeded, but Microsoft Network wasn't that much of a success.

Internet is full of information, just like a big library. There are indexes in the library that help us to find the information we want. In comparison, there are catalogs and indexes on the Internet that tell you everything you need to know about that topic. This helpful tool is called search engine.

At last, a very common thing to see on the Internet is advertisement. There are advertisements everywhere on the Internet. Advertisement on the Internet double up every year. It's a money-making topic because Internet has become a part of our lives.