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Success Success is a funny thing. It means something different to everyone. To one man, success may mean having a lot of money. To another man, success may just mean getting a meal everyday. I feel that success can't be defined, but only described.

Success is achieved when you reach your goal. If my goal was to make a lot of money, then I would consider myself successful when I had a lot of money. If my goal was to have a wife and kids, then I would consider myself successful when I had a wife and kids. The point is, people have different goals, and therefore different ideas of success.

The success of any person can only be determined by that person. I can't say, "My neighbors are successful because they have ten cars." and I can't say "They aren't successful because they don't have any kids." THEIR success has to be determined by THEM.

Being successful, to put it simply, just means believing that you're successful. The state of being satisfied with yourself and your achievements, what ever they may be, is my idea of success. Many people considered Ben Franklin to be successful, for various reasons. But, since he aimed to be perfect, he wasn't successful until he accepted himself, or settled for the "speckled ax".