Subject:Marketing Communications Office Products Category: Scanner How Canon and Acer advertise in different ways?

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As the worldwide economic concession is spreading, competitions in almost all of industries are becoming more intense at a global scale. Marketers, therefore, must make sure that all of marketing mix strategies employed are working effectively at all the time. Advertising is probably one of the most common tools that marketers used to reach, lead, impress, and surprise the target customers. Being an important part of the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC), advertising can be used to create brand images and symbolic appeals for a company or brand. It is especially true when those products or services are difficult to differentiate on functional attributes. An efficient ad might be broken into the following elements: communication objectives, creative strategies and tactics, target customers, and competitive frame.

This paper is going to discuss these issues through analyzing two print advertisements selected. As one of the most well-know household brands, Cannon has numerous competitive advantages inherently.

Acer newly joined the scanner market under its product extension strategy. Thus, how to utilize the advertising to position and promote in the target market is extraordinary important. Indeed, Australia is a proven market for all the scanner manufacturers that want a piece of the pie. Among these, Cannon and Acer are two direct competitors in the Australian scanner market. Since scanner belongs to high-involved office products category, launching ads successfully may assist in building brand awareness, emphasizing product features and benefits, and improving consumers' perceived values. In brief, both ads successfully delivered appropriate massages to the target audience from different perspectives.

Marketing Partitioning Diagram

The diagram below presents the scanner market within Australia. The purpose of partitioning the overall market is to find out the competitive frame (true market) in which the two brands are competing.

Brand and Product Overview

Canon Australia is a market-leading...