Study guide on the early time periods of the united states, and how british ruled them leading to rebellions

Essay by Vkasza March 2004

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-English philosopher that is credited with the theory of natural rights? John Locke

-What laws did the British pass in the late 1600s in pursuit of economic self-sufficiency? Navigation acts

-How did Americans react to the Navigation Acts? Did not respond (upset)

-What is the term that refers to power through economic reform - Mercantilism?

-Time period which Locke wrote age of science and thought - enlightenment?

-Locke 3 natural laws - life liberty property

-According to Locke where did the govt get its power - people

-Term to describe the agreement between people and govt - social contract

-Terms of the social contract for the people and govt -

People- obey govt Govt -protect peoples rights

-Term that people have freedom but must obey - Ordered liberty

-Author of pamphlet Common sense - Thomas paine

-To whom was the pamphlet written- American people, commoners

-Author of declaration of independence - Thomas Jefferson

-What are Jefferson's inalienable rights - life liberty and pursuit of happiness

-What document convinced Americans to revolt- Common sense

-Name of global conflict that led to revolution- French/ Indian war (7 years)

-2 territories did french loose due to war - Canada and land west of Appalachian Mountains

-Effect of French/Indian war on America- didn't need British

-Effect of French/Indian war on British- needed to pay off debt, taxes

-Indian leader attacked American tribes after French/Indian war- Pontiac

-Proclamation of 1763 does -limited colonial expansion to Appalachian mts

-Act that stopped England rum merchants from trading with French- Sugar act

-British can search and seize- writs of assistance

-British court system that abused Americans rights- Vice admiralty courts- no jury, guilty until proven, England or Canada- tried

-First tax that affected all Americans- stamp act - legal documents

-American group formed from stamp act - sons...