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Every day we are influenced by the people and things around us, as Maureen O'Hara has said in the quote "We craft ourselves drawing from the experiences we have, the views others have, the symbols, values, stories and patterns of life of our community. Who we become emerges in a conversation between our biological limits and our interactional experiences in specific relationships." Biologically speaking, we can only go so far and do so much, but the interactions you have with others is what pushes you to your biological limits. I am constantly being pushed to my limit physically because of being a member of the track and field team. They motivate me and get me going, but I can only go as fast as my body (biological make up) will allow me to go.

From the first breath we take, to the very last, we are being influenced by everything and everyone around us.

When I was born, I was two months premature and I came out blue. That day the doctors were part of my social location, without them that day, I wouldn't be sitting here writing this paper. They not only influenced my life then, they have insired me to help others. For five years, I have helped raise money for the March of Dimes organization to help babies with birth defects. I do not believe that I would be doing that today if I would not have almost died when I was born. I am sure that that experience I had, only seconds after birth will influence me more through out my life time.

As you grow older, you have more and more experiences that "craft" you into the person you are today. In second grade, I fell of the monkey bars at recess, which has affected...