The start of World War II

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After World War I, Germany signed the treaty of Versailles and had to compensate for a lot of things. Including giving away their territories, accepting total blame for the war, paying a large sum of money, signing an armistice, and having a restricted army. For that, the Germans were very upset and unpleased.

When Hitler launched the Munich Putsch revolt against the current Weimar Republic, he was successful in leading the people to think that the government was not good enough. Hitler formed the Nazi Party and became chancellor of Germany. Under Hitler?s rule, Germany became stronger as he promised. He restored military strength, created many jobs for people, and he made a lot of speeches to move people. He also used secret police to ensure no opposition for the Nazi Party, as well as propaganda on the people of Germany. He practiced dictatorship in which he controlled the media, had only 1 political party, and controlled all that were taught in schools to prevent opposing ideas.

Italy joined Germany in its intention to start a conquest. They were known as the Axis powers. In Italy, Mussolini formed the Fascist Party, and like Hitler in Germany, he became the dictator of Italy. He also used secret police and propaganda. And still, like Hitler, Mussolini also made weapons and created jobs. However, he did not use much force and was not really successful in convincing the Italians. Hence he was given the name ?Mickey Mouse Dictator?. Yet still, he was prepared and ready for war in 1938 when Hitler began his conquest.

In Asia and Pacific region, Japan was taking charge. It was a modernised country already at that time. It wanted to be rich and powerful like the western countries, and it introduced new and better systems...