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Starfruit is one of many names to the scientific named Averroha Carambola L. fruit. The most common names are Carambola and Starfruit. The origin of the Starfruit is Sir Lanka and Moluccas. Starfruit was cultivated in Southeast Asia and Malaysia. The name of the vary depending on it's location. Starfruit is grown in Malaysia, Thailand (Ma Fueng), Vietnam (Khe), and Loas (Fuang).

Starfruit is grown on a tree in warm tropics. It is a four to five celled berry. Along the five ribs or cell of starfruit are brown spots sometimes. These spots indicate sugar development. It grows two to six inches long. When it is cut across it resembles the shape of a star. When starfruit isn't ripe it is green. It goes from green to yellow. Then the skin goes from a light yellow to a dark yellow. It is smooth with waxy cuticles. The skin of starfruit is also thin.

The flesh of starfruit also ranges from light to dark yellow. Sometime there are ten to twelve seed found in starfruit but no more than twelve. Sometimes there aren't any seeds found in the fruit. The seeds are long, thin and light brown. Without fiber it is translucent, crisp and very juicy. Sweetest when ripen on a tree, it's taste ranges from sub acid to sweet.

It takes sixty to seventy days for the fruit to mature. The amount of time it takes for it to mature depends on the cultivator, production practices and the weather. The main two types of cultivars are sweet and tart.

Starfruit doesn't have many uses. It is used as a garnish for meat dishes. It is grilled and used in fruit salad. It is also used for desserts. Sometimes starfruit maybe processed into pickles, sauces, wine and jellies. Starfruit is...