The stability of a society depends on how it responds to the extremes of human behavior

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Human being have progressed significantly in both material and , however, we still live in a imperfect society where still have extremes of human behavior, such as violence, murder, terrorism, all of which not only menace people's life, but also threaten the stability of our society. I agree that the stability of a society largely depends on how it responds to the extremes of human behavior, but not all.

It is the society's undeniable duty to protect the people lived in it from all kinds of jeopardizes including the extremes of human behavior, which maybe ones of the most troublesome problems the society have to face. People's trust in society depends largely on whether it can provide a well-functioned and safe public environment.

Once the extreme behaviors mentioned above really happen, quick and effective measures are badly needed or the situation will quickly get worse. One frequently used way to cope with these behaviors is punishment, i.e.

apprehend all the crimes, if not all, at least as many as possible, and then use our existing laws to determine how sever the punishment they deserved, ranging from detention to the death penalty. The purpose of this measure is to deter those who already showed and those who possibly will show the extreme human behaviors and to ensure the public that the society is on action to shield it's people.

Nevertheless, punishment alone can only reduce the occurrence of the extreme human behaviors, but can not eradicate them. Because these behaviors usually indicate that there are serious social problems troubling the individuals who lived in the society, accordingly, in order to completely eliminate those behaviors, the society should introspect itself and construct effective communications with its people to find out what are the true social causes of extreme...