Spanish Ships and Explorers.

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Spanish Ships & Explorers

Let us start off by saying the Spanish/Portuguese are explorers by heart, they had ships, they had horses, they had many ways of transportation, but why did they go out and explore, what reasons led them to explore. The Spanish explored for religious reasons, political and economic reasons to explore new areas and new regions. These Spanish conquistadors or explorers had a task during the 16th century, these were to find trading routes, spread religion and for currency such as gold. The question is how would they find these routes, and what type of transportation they would use? Simple, a ship and this was the standard for trading in the 16th century. I will be explaining the size of these boats. Now we have the boats who will lead the quest? I will be talking about Hernando Cortes and his voyages.

One of the reasons why the Spanish went out to go explore the unknown was to spread and expand Christianity.

Many Europeans succeeded in the conversions but that was the 15th century, and now in the 16th the conquistadors are doing it, another reason was for power. How would they get this power? They would get this power by exploring and expanding which would lead to making their empires larger, finding trade routes to trade with other regions and also an important factor gold and silver to pay for their wars with the Turkish Empire and many other empires. They did these for power, to rule over all, also to find better goods such as spices, technology, and gold.

Ships, what they used for exploration and trade. They would use ships because they can carry a lot of weight compared to land trading where you would have to use animals such as horses, donkeys etc...