Some Thoughts and a few Peculiar Points

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1. CW and SC - share same legend of Mother of King, sleeping Goddess and infinite tree, evidence of same source?

2. SC, HP and CW - all raise Q's on authorship, all inspirational, and at deepest depth theme the sleeping venus. Inspiration source explained in Robert Graves The White Goddess where he theorizes that all great art is inspired by the muse.

3. Main character of SC - a family of love?

4. Southern Jasper and Emerald Tablet relationship. Three parts, is this all or is another critical part on a southern Jasper.

5. Mainly remarked on for it's alchemical symbols and commentary on the frontispiece it is a fine example of how alchemical symbolism was read in the 17C.

6. Comment on the restoration of the lost secret

7. Men of Desire!


The Steganographick Collection is a fascinating document in itself but when examined in regard to The Hypnertomachia Poliphilia and the later Chemical Wedding it takes on a new dimension.

Because of the complexity of the three works discussed here and frequent references too them, I have included a section from Day Five of the Chymical Wedding (hereafter referred to as CW) , a copy of the Steganographic Collection . (hereafter referred to as SC), and a synposis of the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili (hereafter referred to as HP) as appendix I - III.

A few Thoughts

Goddess of Love

At the most central and intimate turning point in the narrative of both the CW and the SC, there appear some similarities so extraordinary that they cannot be coincidence. Consider these:

1. CW: The main character is separated from his companions, and takes a tour with his page as his guide, seeking further mysteries.

SC: The main character is separated from...