"Social Promotion" Agree or disagree with social promotion (in school) to keep them back from entering a higher grade or let them go to stay with people their own age

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"Super Senior"

"Super Senior" was a term my friends and I used to call someone who was held back in school and had to repeat his senior year. If the Super Senior would had have graduated with his class, he would have not had the skills that the other graduates had and the promotion would be called social promotion. Social promotion has been talked about for years; should the person stay in school or graduate? Social promotion is the promotion of a child to the next grade because they want that child to be the same age as the others in his or her grade. However, many people believe it's good for the child to be held back; these people say that it's good for a child to get held back because it would just help the kid out. By keeping the child back, holding the child back would allow the child to catch up with the skills that they misunderstood.

If the school doesn't hold the child back that would just be fooling him or her by telling the child that he or she had the skills to do something, but he or she really doesn't. Holding a child back would put more stress on the child and may cause the child to just quit. I believe they should continue social promotion because holding a child back causes intrapersonal problems and social problems, social promotion has special classes that one can go, but still not be held back, and holding the child back all depends on the teachers.

First of all, social promotion should continue because holding a child back may cause intrapersonal problems. By telling a child that they would be held back is the

first impact on his school life and it may cause the child to...