Slavery Today and In The Past

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Slavery in the past was awful, but so it is today. The first state to abolish slavery was Britain. Then France abolished slavery in 1794. Europe serfdom, much like slavery ended in different parts of Europe at different time. In Prussia, witch is part of Germany slavery ended in 1806. In the Habsburg empire of Austria-Hungary in 1848, in Russia slavery ended in 1861, and in Romania in 1864. In United States of America the civil war ended slavery. Civil war lasted from 1861 to 1865. Brazil remained a slave holding country until 1888 when slavery was ended peacefully. Yet there is still slavery today so why, why do we still have slavery today when in the past it was awfully, and painful to the people that were slaves all over the world. (Hakim 50, 51)

(Slavery around World)

France was one of the states that ended slavery in the past still has some slavery today.

France is one of the largest European countries, there 60 million inhabitants in France. The slavery was different in the past than it is today. House hold and child care expenses, especially in parish proper, have grown rapidly, raising the demand for life in help.

Slaves arrive to France in two different ways, the first way is that the slaves arrive with there master from countries where slavery hasn't entirely despaired. The second way is that teenagers are pulled from there families and promised education and a paying job for them upon arrival to France. France responds on this ground by establishing the committee Against Modern Slavery, which was established in 1996 and based in Parish.

This establishment advices the victims and provides bout legal and welfare services to survivors. (France)

I think that this is a good establishment and it should probably...