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Skateboarding is a very extreme sport. Professional skateboarders are dedicated to being as extreme as they can in competition. Skateboard competition is divided into three categories which are: vert, street, and freestyle.

The first type of competition is vert or vertical riding. Vert competitions began in empty swimming pools, but are now held in large half pipes. A half pipe is considered the more difficult one. While on the half pipe, skateboarders try to rise beyond the coping of the half pipe and perform various tricks. Vert competition is considered the most radical form of skateboarding in terms of risk.

The second type of competition is street. Street competition involves performing a variety of tricks on things like curbs, benches, stairs, rails, and ramps. This type of competition combines jumping, landings, and the creative use of different tricks and objects. Street competition is not as extreme as vert competition, but is still very extreme.

The third and final type of competition is freestyle. Freestyle competition consists of the innovative use of the hands and feet. It is held on flat surfaces with no objects on which to perform tricks. Freestyle originated in the 1960s and 70s by surfers who wanted a way to practice on land and in water. Freestyle competitions is not currently held in any professional skateboarding competitions, but still practiced by many skateboarders today.

Skateboarding competitions are very extreme. Vert, street, and freestyle are the three types of skateboarding used today. Maybe in the near future people will develop new styles of skateboarding.