Are Single Mothers Abusing The System?

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Some people feel that single women should not have children that they can not support. If a woman is financially unstable she should not have children that she can not properly support. It is not fair that society pays, through taxes, for these women to care for their children. When a woman gets pregnant she knows whether or not she will be able to pay for a baby. There are walk-in clinics that women can go to to receive contrapceptives, and if they do not already have a doctor they can see one at a clinic. It is for all these reasons that people wonder why single, unstable women with no real means of support are getting pregnant.

Many people feel that single women who have children simply do it because "a baby is a good way to get money if you have no education, job or common sense."

It is a possibility that some women see a child as a form of getting a pay cheque every month from the government. That is why it annoys tax payers that their money goes to support these women. If such resources as social assistance were not made available to these women, they may not decide to have children.

A person should be aware of their financial status. If a single woman can hardly afford to pay for herself, either because she is out of work or can not get a job, it is apparent that she should not have a child. These women who have children and have no means of support are obviously not thinking before they bare these children. It is irresponsible and immature. The children are not being thought of in instances such as these. In a lot of cases women have motives to get pregnant. It could be to keep a boyfriend or to get money from the government. This is not in a child's best interest.

This is not America"¦In Ontario and other provinces we have Health Care, which is paid for, once again, by tax payers. These women have it readily available to them. There are walk-in clinics where a woman can easily obtain a doctor. Birth control is available and often without cost. With benenfits such these, it is questionable as to why these women are having babies.

Single women who have children that they can not support may not have children if social assistance was not their's to have. A woman knows whether or not she can support a child. In many parts of Canada, health coverage is free and contraceptives are available for unwanted pregnancies. It should not necessarily be a matter of want when dealing with a child, especially when monetary funds can be questioned. Children are not toys, and anyone sane knows this. If only people would think about the child and the child's future, then maybe this would not be such an issue.