A simple summary and analysis of The Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale

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1.The Wife argues and compares her past marriages with those of the Samaritan and King Solomon. I think she gives reasonable arguments to defend her multiple marriages. If the religious individuals that she stated were allowed to be married numerous times in a church, she should have that opportunity as well. I think she gives feasible statements supporting her views on marriages. She is headstrong and is not afraid of what other thinks of her lifestyle.

2.Here she states that God did not enforce the concept of virginity. If that concept was enforced, marriages would not exist and there would be no one to give birth to the next generation. She insists that the human genitals are not created just for urination and sexual differentiation but are for sexual pleasure as well. She is sexually obsessed. However, her arguments are reasonable.

3. She emphasizes the pleasure of the "blessed instrument."

She suggests men should be intimate with their wives and have kids. During her marriages, she was always in control of her husband. The Pardoner interrupts to thank her for warning him of marriages, because he was about to get married. The Wife of Bath would be the dominate person of her relationship. She is quite impulsive.

4.She is drunk and begins to recall her marriages, but first she warned the Pardoner of the truthfulness of the relationships with her past husbands. She has married five times; the first three of her marriages were to good rich and old men. Because they were of old age, they did not satisfy her sexually, however, their money pleased her. She is a trifling gold digger.

5. She gives advices on how men should treat their wives and how to flatter them. The Wife also offers manipulative techniques so...