The Silent Song

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The Silent Song I listen to myself, and I sing of myself And what I hear you shall hear; Hear my silence, and enjoy my noise.

(5 seconds silence) I know more now than I knew then.

I was the caterpillar Inching along"¦ alone.

The world surrounding me "" Trying to pull me in: (2 seconds silence) The wind whispers into my heart.

These whispers are all lies "" So now I know.

I listened to those lies; I fell for those lies; The world pulled me in "" And now, and now, I'm spotted.

(3 seconds silence) My crawl began to slow.

My days became as night And my nights stayed as night.

Does the sun not shine on those who do wrong? (2 seconds silence) Finally, my crawl became too much And I gave up.

I stopped living; I stopped twirling around branches; I stopped eating the delicious leaves; I just stopped being.

(6 seconds silence) The rain began to fall And I knew I couldn't drown myself from water So I began to encase myself.

At the time I was sealing my casket "" Ending my struggle "" drowning from thoughts.

That was only the beginning, little did I know! (2 seconds silence) I stayed in my shell; Miserably content with my spotted fate.

I just wanted to sleep my sorrows away And I did.

(3 seconds silence) A short eternity later I awoke.

I had the energy to move, But not the heart to do so.

I did move "" Out of fear of what else would be whispered about me.

Even caterpillars can see the wind when it whispers "" The wind may not know, but the caterpillar sees.

(2 seconds silence) These whispers broke my heart.

I hated the wind.

The anger inside me grew and grew So I stretched out of my shell "" And the wind hushed around me.

The thunderous silence hurt my ears.

The sky was shinning on my.

The trees were growing towards me.

The animals were flocking to me.

The clouds were hovering over me.

I felt the eyes of the earth upon me.


(No silence) Should I tell the truth to end this humiliation? Should I go back into my shell? Should I cover my spots? Should I turn away? Yes. Turn the cheek.

The world will not pull me down.

Newton was wrong! I will not be held down.

(No silence) I turned.

But as I turned, I caught the glimpse of a beautiful spotted wing.

But it disappeared.

I turned again to see it.

But again it disappeared.

I felt as if I were spinning in circles.

The wind caught me and whirled me over to the bank; I thought I was facing the death penalty for my sins, But instead the wind placed me gently on the bank.

I leaned over to look at the glistening water, But all I saw was the reflection of a beautiful butterfly.

Deep purple in color With bright yellow spots.

I was in awe.

I just gazed into the reflection Seeing an odd familiar ness in the butterfly's face.

Then chills ran down my slinky spine As I realized it was me.

(6 seconds silence) I forgave myself then for my glorious spots "" The ones that caused me so much grief.

Without those spots I would have been a regular butterfly Unaware of what could happen; Unaware of the changes that can take place; Unaware of the friends that aren't loyal; And unaware of how easy it is to loose yourself.

I would have been just like them all "" Just the same as everyone else.

But no, not me, I'm not! I'm stronger now than the wind.

I use the gentle breezes of the wind to aid me in flight.

And I use the harsh whirlwinds to warn me of dangers.

I'm aware of what is out there against me.

I know my friends and I know my foes.

But mostly, I know myself.

(7 seconds silence) Thank you for hurting me wind "" You've taught me a great lesson.