Should the Three Gorges Dam have been built? -From an economist's point of view

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Point of View:

I am an economist working for the National People's Congress and I am against the building of the dam.

This is because the initial building of the dam will drain the government of its financial resources. But not only will the money be spent, but also spent on a undoubtedly failing investment as the dam's benefits such as hydro-electricity production will only last for about ten years.

As the river slows down, it will deposit its load behind the dam in the reservoir. As this load piles up over the years in the reservoir the reservoir will become shallower and will cause more flooding and thus wastage of the land.

On the other hand, if the capacity of the reservoir is to be maintained, dredging will be required. This will need a huge and continuous capital investment.

The sediment deposits in the reservoir may even pile to such an extent that it may block the turbines which the water passes through on its way downstream and hinder the production of hydro-electricity. This shows how the efficiency of the dam will decrease over the years.

Once the turbines are blocked with sand and other particles, they will not be able to be repaired or replaced due to their depth beneath the water, thus making the dam absolutely useless in the long run.


Dams drain the financial resources of a country and their efficiency decreases drastically over the years


Dam efficiency, long-term outcomes, budgeting


If people take my stand seriously and oppose building of the dam, the government will save much money which can be used in other ways to help boost the economy.

Poverty in the land can be improved with these funds instead.

Much upslope agricultural land will not be wasted due to...