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Essay #2 Should rap artists be able to have any kind of lyrics in their songs? I don't even think that should even be considered a question. I think that every single rap artist or any type a singer should be able to say what they have to say in a song.

People all around us (especially adults) think that rap artists should keep their lyrics to a limit. That means no profanity and things that are not appropriate. If we didn't have any profanity and things that are not appropriate in rap there wouldn't even be a type of music called rap. That's what always brings rap to the top of the charts.

Adults always say that what is in rap is not appropriate for children and that it is also a bad influence. What I think is that adults only listen to the curses and the bad things in it.

If you really pay close attention to the words, its really is true. For example, Eminem. In his song, "The Real Slim Shady". in one of the versus he raps about sex. One of the lines are "Adults expect kids not to know about sex but wouldn't they find out anyway in the fourth grade, they have the discovery channel don't they." Isn't that so true! The Discovery channel is telling you the same thing that Eminem's lyrics are telling you.

Another reason I think rappers should be able to say anything in their music is because isn't their an amendment on that . It's known as the amendment of "Freedom of Speech". That means that any citizen in the United States is allowed to say what ever they want to say.

My personal opinion is if people think that rap music is...