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Since 1995, Congressman Bob Ney has represented Ohio's 18th Congressional district, which today encompasses 16 counties in Ohio. Ney is the Chairman of the Committee on House Administration, the Chairman of the Financial Services Subcommittee on Housing, the Chairman of the Commission on Mailing Standards, the Chairman of the Joint Committee on Printing, the Vice Chairman of the Joint Committee on the Library, and a Deputy Majority Whip.

As Chairman of House Administration, Ney has oversight of the entire US Capitol, and is known by other Congressman as, "the Mayor of Capitol Hill". With his subcommittee chairmanship on Housing, Ney has oversight of the entire Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and all federal housing issues. A teacher by degree, Ney taught English in Iran. After returning to the Ohio Valley in 1979, Ney was sworn into the Ohio House at the age of 26.

In the Ohio Senate, Ney held the prominent position of Chairman of the Finance Committee.

Throughout his career serving the residents of Eastern Ohio in the state senate, Ney worked to bring the concerns and problems of this area to the forefront of legislative attention. He fought hard to ensure that Ohio's compliance plan for federal Clean Air mandates preserved Ohio's coal jobs by encouraging the use of coal cleaning "scrubbers", rather than the use of out of state coal. In 1995, Ney was sworn in to serve in the United States Congress. Furthermore, Ney co-sponsored the Ney/Kasich amendment with Ohio Congressman John Kasich, requiring able-bodied food stamp recipients to work for their benefits.

During the 105th Congress, Ney helped pass the first balanced federal budget in a generation. During the 106th Congress, Congressman Ney supported H.R. 1259, the Social Security and Medicare Safe Deposit Box Act. The rally was designed to...