Shooting The Breeze

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5/1/2001 5:57:43 PM This is a tale about two lost schoolgirls, with hopes and dreams that they would never give up. They're story will make you giggle, cry and relive their moments in your mind.

Come with Reneta & Greneta as they past childhood and enter womanhood, alone, nevertheless together.

"Greneta come on we got to keep moving, they live all around us. I want to be free!" Reneta pleaded with her closest friend Greneta. "Renée! We've been running for two days straight! We're not that important, why would they still be looking for us?" "˜Good question,' Reneta thought, "˜but you can never be to sure"¦not with the Germans anyway.' "Ren, are you ok? Well"¦other than our situation I mean" Greneta giggled. Reneta couldn't help but laugh too. " Yeah I'm fine, "˜just thinking. What's gonna happen to us Greneta?" "Renee stop" Greneta interjected. "Where we gonna go?" "Reneta"¦."

"Our food is almost gone.." "Reneta!" "We'll starve!" Renee exclaimed ignoring Greneta's pleads. "I said stop! Stop thinking like that! Do you think it's going to help? Cause it won't! It'll just makes us feel even more abandoned! So calm down or I'll throw you in that river over there"¦"¦a river!!" Renee looked at Greneta questioningly. "I know I'm irrational, but it's no reason to fib about a river!" "No you idiot! A river, behind you! They scrambled toward the river with new born energy and strength. They drank as much water as their stomachs would allow them.

As they struggled to sit down, The pondered over their good luck.

"A blessing from above this is!" Greneta exclaimed. "Momma always said we were lucky." Renee murmured quietly. Greneta look at her sister, and let out a low laugh, her eyes slowly filling with tears. "She did, didn't she. "˜You'll always loose friends, but you two will never loose each other.' She told us that the day Mary died." Greneta whispered. The two girls embraced, both weeping into the others shoulder.

They awoke several hours later that night. The sound of bullets whipping past their heads held them like statues in the dark, with only the moon to give the light.

All seemed to come to a deadly stop as Greneta turned to look at her sister by her side. Renee's face covered in pure anguish, Greneta's hand went around Renee's body. As she lightly wrapped her arm around her sister she felt something warm spreading upon her arm. It dripped down her fingers on to her bare sisters bare feet. Then she saw it red, red all over Renee's arm running down her arm onto Greneta. "Renee! Renee!" She cried out. Looking up into her sisters almost closed eyes. "I'm never gonna leave you Gren"¦." Renee breathed as she collapsed onto the ground. "Oh God, Oh God!" Greneta fell to her knees sobbing. She ripped a piece of her shirt off and wrapped Renee's arm where the bullet had entered. Perspiration slowly working it's way down her face. She was not sure if she should leave the bullet in or not. At the camp people had been shot but her mother never let her stay when something like that happened.

Fog slowly rose from the ground, making it misty and humid.

Shaking with fear, Greneta laid down next to Renee, enfolding her with her arms, careful not to touch her wound.

As she closed her eyes she whispered "Lord, please send an angel, please. I don't wanna die"¦.we don't wanna die" The next few days were hard and painful, there were soldiers around every corner, every turn was an adventure, not necessarily a good one.

They trekked across vast fields and thick forests, quietly hiking pasts homes, never knowing if the next step they take will be there last.

"How's your arm Renee?" Greneta inquired. "I think I can take the bandage off now. I feel no real pain in most of my arm and I think the swelling has gone down." Renee muttered. She had grown quite weiry of wearing the scratchy worn peice of cloth, and was in some hurry to relieve herself from it's itchiness. " Has your wound healed though?" Greneta questioned. "Ok, ok I'll where it for on more day that's it though!" she blurt out. Smiling to herself Greneta climbed up the ridged rocks that stuck out of the hard soil. Looking over all of the town ahead of them. Mapping out the route they would take. Which corners were the darkest and easiest to hide in. Where the good resting places were, they needed a safe place to sleep.

"I am sooo hungry!" Beth moaned. "I know what you mean, we need to find a farm or something, I can't stay like this for much longer!" Reneta "Look for trees." Beth said. "What do you think I've been doing for the last 8 hours?" Reneta answered flatly