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Period 5 Should Teens be Sexually Active? My cousin Beth was a senior in high school in Bellevue, Washington. She was the captain of the volleyball team, and had a full paid scholarship to the local university. Some people assumed Beth was sexually active, but didn't think much of it until she got pregnant at seventeen years of age. Beth was put in a continuation school, but soon dropped out and got a job at Blimpies Deli. After one month of working at Blimpies, Beth quit and emotionally broke down. She didn't know whether to keep the baby or to put it up for adoption. Beth saw a therapist for about two months and ultimately decided to keep the baby. The baby's father moved to Oregon and got married to some girl. My cousin Beth is now twenty three-years-old, on welfare, has no college education, and has a close to minimum wage job.

This is a perfect example of why teens shouldn't have sex.

Although some teens may disagree, the level of maturity it takes to be a parent just isn't there for teens. Teens aren't mentally or financially sound to accept the responsibility of being a parent. How is a teen suppose to pay for doctor bills, a mortgage, house, car, and health insurance? They can't.

Sex is a sacred thing. It is not something you give away to anyone who happens to pass by. Call me old fashioned, but sex is to be shared between a husband and a wife, and if you never get married, too bad. Sex is a symbol of a life long commitment, and love.

Whether you think so or not, sex is a very powerful thing. If a teen has a bad sexual experience they may never have a healthy relationship when they are older and want to start a family. Take a girl who thinks she in love with this guy. She thinks he's perfect. She can tell him her most personal secrets. She loves to be around him. She loves everything about him, and soon has sex with him. Right afterwards he dumps her and moves right on to the next girl. She is crushed. She may never trust another guy again in her life These are the reasons why teens shouldn't have sex. Teens are trying to grow-up too fast, slow down; your time will come.