A Seperate Peace

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A Separate Peace (rewrite) Relationships are a large part of growing up. Relationships are changing all the time between people. Sometimes the relationships are good, and other times people are not that lucky. In the book Separate Peace the main character, Gene, faces three relationships that change in different ways. His relationship with his friends seems positive at the beginning of the book and he has negative relationships with three characters in this story. The characters he has negative relationships with are Finny, Brinker, and Leper.

Finny was the one who was talented at everything. He was great in sports, popular, and never seemed to get in trouble. The never getting in trouble part really bothered Gene. "He had gotten away with everything, I felt a sudden stab of disappointment". That's not what a true friend would say. It was quite obvious that he was jealous. He wanted to be Finny.

He even dressed up in Finny's clothing while Finny was away in the hospital. The thing that showed Gene's true jealously towards phineas was when they were both up in the tree about to jump at the same time. "Lets do a double jump, I don't think that's ever been done before" is what Finny said. Gene jounced the limb, causing Finny to fall and fracture his leg. Finny thought he was Gene's best friend. "Lets jump together to cement our partnership"(p24) is what Finny said to gene one time while they were up in the tree. They were roommates and they shared many moments together. One of these moments was when they decided to skip school and go to the beach. In the morning, Finny told Gene that he was his best friend. Gene didn't say anything back, because he was thinking that Finny was not his best friend. But he never told Finny that, and he let Finny go on believing that everything was all right. Gene should have been open about the relationship that they shared.

Elwin Leppellier was a friend of Gene's. They had a somewhat decent relationship throughout the book. They were roommates. They hung out all the time. They worked, studied and trained together. It was towards the end of the story that Gene started to get negative towards everyone, and especially Leper. Gene went to go visit Leper, but it was only so he could make sure he could clear his name. When Leper was in a time of need, Gene threw him down on the ground and ran away. He didn't listen to leper or take the time to understand. Leper was mentally unstable after living through the trauma of being discharged from the army. Gene did nothing to help him, he was pushing leper away from him in a negative way.

Gene had an interesting relationship with Brinker. Throughout the book it seemed that Gene and Brinker were not friends, but were more of acquaintances. They were forced to try and coupe with one another because they shared a common group of friends. They never seemed to really like each other. Brinker used to make smart comments regarding gene, and was always on his case. Gene never really had a positive attitude towards Brinker. Eventually in the end, it led Brinker to try and expose Gene in a mock trial. Brinker was obsessed for some reason with exposing gene for what he had really done. Brinker desperately wanted everyone to know that Gene was not a good friend towards Phineas.

Gene doesn't have the best luck when it comes to healthy, friendly relationships. He had a negative impact on the three closest people in his life. Those people being Elwin Leppellier, Brinker, and Phineas. He was selfish and mostly thought of how he would feel throughout all the actions that occurred in this book. Finny's supposed friend had a negative relationship with almost anyone whom he had met throughout the book.