"Seniors' Driving Test" This is a well written persuasive essay arguing that senior citizens should take a mandatory driving test each year to keep the roads safe.

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We live in a world that is deeply influenced by technology. In the past forty years, almost everything about our lifestyles has changed. From different clothes to different foods, our world is constantly changing. Should our criteria for the drivers on the roads not change as well? Teenagers are often seen as the terrors of the road because they are so inexperienced, but many senior citizens are, in fact, much worse drivers than teenagers are. People over the age of sixty-five should be required to take a three-part driving examination every year, which would be made up of a medical exam, a formal driving test, and a written test. Mandatory annual driving examinations for people over the age of sixty-five would make our roads a safer place.

People over the age of sixty-five can be incompetent drivers because many are not aware of all the rules of the road.

The rules of the road have changed, as have the technological advances of our vehicles. Certain speed limits, such as the speed when passing law enforcement officers or highway workers, are not posted and it is essential that drivers are aware of these changes in order to keep others safe. The vehicles have changed as well. For example, thirty-five years ago, the switch that dims the lights was on the floor. Most people are aware that the dimmer switch is now located somewhere on the steering column, but if a driver was unaware of how to use the switch, oncoming drivers could be blinded by the bright light and veer off the road and into the ditch. An annual written examination about the rules of the road would eliminate any questions about whether or not drivers over sixty-five are competent enough in their knowledge of the rules of the...