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The Sell The sell in wrestling is one of the most critical matters. Without the sell wrestling wouldn´t look real it would look fake. Wrestling is fake but the athletes are truly respected by me because i went to one of the wrestling school and i saw what happens in wrestling and all the things in wrestling hurts even if it doesn´t look real it is.

Wrestling is a sport in which two competitors attempt to throw or mobilize each other in most wrestling the individuals are trying to pin on to the mat or ring.

Selling a move is compared to crying wolf. In the wrestling business it wouldn´t look real with out the sell.

The first thing that wrestler need to know about selling is that the wrestler is familiar to the "fakeness" of wrestling. For example don´t actually punch or kick or any move to the other person.

When you sell it is similar to lying about pain. The next thing is to teach someone that you can trust and teach them how to wrestle and sell. The first move some one could try is the punch or kick. With the punch: some one would swing his or her arm fist back and act like they hit them but come one foot to a half of a foot from hitting the other person in the face or the chest. Sometimes wrestlers would actually make contact with the other person just to make it look real.

There are many ways to sell a move whether it is jumping, falling, or shaking. Remember that selling is the most important thing in wrestling because if the wrestlers never sold then it wouldn´t look real.