Seizing the Dream

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Seizing the Dream

The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896 - 1940), provides readers with Fitzgerald's perception of the American dream, in the form of a fictional novel. Set in Long Island and New York City in 1922, the story abruptly introduces us to the main character, and narrator, Nick Carraway, whom has just recently returned from his service within the Great War. Upon his return, Nick decides against remaining in his Midwestern hometown, selling hardware, and moves east to Long Island, New York to begin learning the traits of the "bond business". Nick decides to buy a bungalow in the "less-fashionable" side of Long Island, and coincidentally happens to live next door to another main character within the story: a wealthy and prominent man known as Gatsby.

Progressing from this, we are introduced to the shaping of an intricate love cycle that will play the major role and theme within the story.

Shortly after Nick's arrival in New York, he is promptly invited to dinner with his second cousin Daisy Buchanan, and her husband, Tom, who is an ex-football superstar whom Nick had attended Yale with. At this encounter we are also introduced to the character of Jordan Baker, whom also plays an important role within the story. At the end of the dinner, the audience gains information that Daisy was suspecting Tom of having an affair with another woman after Tom took a phone call and did not return for a period of time.

Following the Dinner, Nick arrives back at his own home, and the audience is introduced to the character of Gatsby. Apparently, Gatsby has come out that night to "determine what share of the local heavens" was his. Nick is on the verge of introducing himself, but senses that Gatsby would rather be alone,