The Secret Life Of Hubie Harrzel

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THE SECRET LIFE OF HUBIE HARRZEL By Susan Rowan Masters This book is about Hubie Claude Hartzel, and he likes to dream. In class he likes to draw funny pictures of his fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Bunch. Hubie is the victim of the fifth grade bully, Ralph Marruci. Marruci had always made a laughing stock out of Hubie. Hubie has a cat named Fred Ferkle that is 16 years old. Hubie's dad had always wanted to get rid of Fred Because of his age. Hubie's best friend in the fifth grade is Frank Vitanza. He has a sister named Brenda, and a brother named Stevie. Stevie is adopted. One of Hubie's problem is he is over weigh.

Hubie was lying on his bed with Fred when he realized that his cat is dying. Hubie and his family took Fred to Dr. Danielson, the vet. A few days latter Hubie came home from school and Fred was there.

Hubie was so happy that Fred was alive.

Throughout the book Hubie has a crush on this art teacher, Mrs. Lana Slomonsky. He has liked her since she came to his school and replaced Mrs. Harrison. Mrs. Slomonsky told Hubie that he should get a drawing tablet so the could keep all his drawings together. Hubie asked his mom to get one for his drawings. She said that she would when she took Brenda the ballet. When she came back form the ballet she didn't have the tablet. She said that she would get the tablet later, and she did.

Hubie and Frank decided to get back at Marruci because of all the stuff that he did to them. They called it Operation Harassment. Frank had a Typewriter so they typed a note on the typewriter. A day later Frank's mom found the note on his underwear drawer and ripped it up. She took the typewriter up in the attic.

Hubie and Frank had to do it by hand. Even though Marruci's handwriting was like chicken scratch, they could copy the note. They could not write Shelly's signature because she always wrote nice. Hubie and Frank decided that Frank would get her handwriting since Frank sat right in front of her. Frank ended up getting her signature, but Frank got mad at Hubie because he always had to get every thing. Hubie wrote the two notes, one to Shelly that was from Marruci and one to Marruci from Shelly. The reason they picked Shelly was because she was leaving the next day.

Hubie slipped a note into Shelly's and Marruci's locker, when he slipped the note into Marruci's locker someone ran by, he did not see who it was.

The next morning when Hubie was by the gym door, Marruci came up by him and hit him in the chin. Someone must have told him. They both went to the Principle's office. He let them of the hook.

Mrs. Slomonsky decided that Hubie would go up on stage and give a speech to the whole school about art class. After he was done, Marruci came up to him and complimented Hubie about the speech. Hubie and Frank became friends again.