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School Vouchers: The Pros and the Cons Specific Purpose: To inform the audience of recent attempts by Governor Jeb Bush and President George W. Bush to implement a voucher program into the school system, and also to explain what a voucher is, how it works, and its pros and cons.

Introduction I. Opening: There has been a large controversy over the past couple years over the use of what are called vouchers in the school system that would allow struggling students to succeed better in their studies.

A. There are pros and cons for the voucher system.

B. Many believe that vouchers take money away from public schools, while others believe vouchers give struggling students a fighting chance to succeed II. Thesis: A school voucher system is a step in improving the education of Florida students. The question is, is it a beneficial one? Body I. Main Point: In 1999, Governor Jeb Bush lobbied to improve the quality of the Florida educational system under what he called his A-Plus Program.

A. Under this program he wished to create what was known as "The Opportunity Scholarship Program"� or OSP.

B. These scholarships are better known as vouchers.

C. Under the OSP, parents of children, who during the previous school year attended a public school that for the second year in a four-year period had been designated "failing"�, would be able to request and receive a voucher.

D. This voucher would then pay the tuition and fees for the student to attend a private school.

III. Main Point: But how much is given to the parents? A. There are two ways to calculate how much a family will receive.

B. The first is to just to give the amount of money for the parents to pay tuition for a certain...