School Violence

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School Violence- the worst crime of all Dear Educators of America, School violence is an increasingly serious problem that requires our immediate attention. Please allow me to take this time to inform you of the facts and speak my mind on the subject. I am a concerned citizen who would like something to be done about the problem, and I feel that maybe my words will help make a difference.

School violence is not as innocent as it used to be. I remember back in grammar school when the worst thing that happened was a food fight. It would start simple enough. All of the lunchboxes opened, the juice box straws poked through the exterior, the fruit roll-ups unraveled. Suddenly, out of no where, a glob of pudding, or perhaps a squirt of chocolate milk would somehow find its way to the face or maybe even hair of an unsuspecting victim.

And thus would begin the classic school time activity, the food fight. All of a sudden, food would fly from all directions. Everyone would get involved, although not many would be hurt, at least not physically. There would be stained clothes, but with juice, not blood. Children would cry because their food was lost, not their best friend. When this violence would end, most would shake off the memory and walk away. Unfortunately, we are not as lucky now.

Small time violence such as the food fight used to be the norm when it came to school violence. However times have changed, and not for the better. When did it start? Perhaps the segregation of African-American students, or the disallowing of women and men to compete together could be blamed. Whatever event started the up rise of violence was, it is no longer the issue,