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I have lived in this mansion most of my life, though it was not always a peaceful place. The mansion is in the middle of now where in Scotland, and was built in 1769. I shall now start my story from the start, when I first arrived at the mansion.

As I drove up the dark and creepy driveway, I wondered why the mansion was so cheap. Sure there were rumors of ghost, vampires, and other movie monsters, since the mansion was so old but they were just rumors. When I finally reached the end of the driveway, I with held the most beautiful house I have ever seen. It was a dark house, with big windows, a double front door, just like the mansions you see in horror movies.

When I reached the front door, I could hear noises from the back of the house, but I thought it was just the wind.

The front door was huge, with an old creepy knocker. I slowly opened the door and as I took my first step I could smell the oldness and dust from the house. When I finally took my first step in the house the floor boards craked under my weight. The entrance hall was massive, with a staircase in the middle and doors at each side of the hall up and down stairs. I went up stair to look for a room to unpack and sleep for it was really late.

BANG! I woke up from a loud banging noise from downstairs. I quickly got dress and ran downstairs. As I reached the bottom the front door was shaking like someone was banging on it, to get in. When I walked up to the door I grabed a pool cue which I left downstairs. I shouted...