Save the Baltic Sea ! Efforts that should be made!

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Save the Baltic Sea

Baltic Sea is bounded by Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, and Germany. It covers an area of 422,000 sq km and there are 85 million people living around it. Recently some scientists started claiming that it has reached a highly critical level. There is no doubt that we, people who live around it, must do something to prevent a big disaster.

Let us understand thoroughly that the biggest source of this danger is the rapidly depleting oxygen in the Baltic Sea. There are a lot of areas at the bottom of sea where there is no oxygen at all. Naturally we ask ourselves if this could be possible. The answer is simple. Yes, It is. During heavy rains a lot of nutrients which have been used in fertilizers in local farms are washed into the sea. The extra nutrients in the sea make plankton plants grow more rapidly and thus consume the precious oxygen.

During this process the plankton plants die and make sulfur gases that ascend up from the bottom killing all living creatures who do not manage to escape. This is the reason why people in some areas find a lot of dead fish. Another argument should be pointed out in connection with this problem which is even more serious. Reports say that at the end of World War II huge quantities of chemical weapons-up to 300,000 tons-confiscated from the Nazis were packed onto ships that got sunk in the Baltic. The containers are rusting and have started to leak. This is a very dangerous problem because if all of the chemical weapons are not neutralized we may no longer have our lovely Baltic Sea.

The problem is clear, but what should we do to eliminate it?! I will try...