Same Sex Marriages

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Same Sex Marriages I do not feel same sex marriages should be prohibited in the state of Maine, or anywhere else in the United States. I do not feel the state government or the federal government has any business in the private lives of couples, same sex or not. The law that would be made to allow same sex marriages does not affect any one who is not in a same sex relationship. For this major reason the law to allow same sex marriages should be passed.

However any law that does not pass immediately must have some flaws and the same sex marriage law is no different. First same sex marriages could be damaging to a child raised in the home. I must make it clear that this is through no fault of the two same sex parents. It could be difficult on the children because when growing up around other kids.

The child of the two same sex parents would be unfairly picked on and abused by other kids, mentally, or even physically. Since a kid does not pick his parents going through years of abused would be unfair to the child. This is one draw back to having same sex marriages, but this one fact is not enough to prohibit same sex marriages in the state of Maine.

In my personal opinion I do not feel that a certificate indicating that two people are legally married means a whole lot. Two people could interact as if they were married without doing the process in a legal form. This would also help out if the two were separated by choice and thus would not have two go through the legal problems of a divorce. My opinion of a certificate not being necessary however is probably swayed by the fact that this right has always been there for me. If I was deprived of the right to legally join someone in marriage, I might feel that it was unfair that I was denied this basic right, simply based on sexual preference.

I do feel everyone should have equal rights. This goes to everyone regardless of age, color, sex, or sexual preference. The simple right of two people legalizing their relationship should not be denied. It does not affect the average citizen if people involved in same sex relationships are living together, so it should not affect the average citizen if their marriage is legalized. My motto is simple if something does not directly affect you, then it should not concern you. The people involved in same sex marriages do not want special rights in this instance. They simply want equal rights, and I feel the rights should be given to them.