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There are really only three types of people. There are the very caring and passionate ones and there are the ones for that short-term fun that gets worn out really easy, so you're jumping from one thing to another. This stores does a very good job at identifying both personalities.

There's Charlie who has a huge nose, but he's very caring and sensitive, he understands people, listens. Then, there's Jeff, societies typical good, looking guy, though he is as stupid as the peculiar length of Charlie's, a lot of girls want him. Jeff is always looking for fun, you can tell by just looking at him that he wants a women to have fun with, he only judges a girl by her outer beauty. He's the type of guy that might care about settling down when he gets older with someone who isn't all that unique.

Charlie is head of the fire department in the small town, which he lives.

Jeff is a fireman from the city, who is hired as an extra experienced man on the force. One thing that is learned about Charlie and Jeff is they are fancy by the same women, but in different ways, her name is Roxanne. Roxanne and Charlie have become friends ever since Roxanne had locked herself out of the house trying to get her cat inside, after Charlie unlocked the door, they began finding out they have a lot in common.

After Roxanne had seen Jeff around a few times at restaurants and dinner parties she had told Charlie about it and insisted Charlie to encourage Jeff to come in contact with her. Charlie did so, Jeff couldn't yet build up the courage to talk to Roxanne, so Charlie insisted that Jeff should write her a letter about how he feels about her. Jeff being the stupid man that he is, not able to write down his feelings about what he feels for Roxanne in a fashionable way he insisted for Charlie to do it for him. Charlie disagreed with it at first, but then gave in to Jeff's wants and not his needs.

The letter Charlie originally wrote, signed by Jeff absolutely moved Roxanne, it "lifted her feet off the ground." Immediately she wanted to meet Jeff. So, what Charlie did was rigged Jeff with a headset and a microphone. Charlie sat in a van and talked through the microphone in their telling Charlie what to say accordingly during their conversation at Roxanne's house on her porch. Jeff screws it up saying something very absurd about her breasts, then Charlie has to come in talking from behind a tree so that Charlie could go up stairs and make love with her, which he so agreeably does.

By now the story is obvious, Roxanne is in love with Charlie's personality, she always begs Jeff to talk like he does in his letters, but Jeff always fails. By the end of the movie one of Charlie's friends find out who was really writing the love letters. Jeff meets somebody else and Charley and Roxanne's love are brought to the surface.