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A 12-mile stretch of black top separates the towns of Pine View and Oil Camp, communities that grew up together after they discover gold in the piney woods of Northeast Louisiana. The boom days are long since over, but the rivalry that has existed between these two small towns from the beginning is still very much alive. Traditionally the final football game of the regular season, more often then not the Pineview-Oil camp get together, takes place with a District title on the line. A single point decided this year's regular season game. Tonight, however, the sometimes bitter, always entertaining feud will be renewed at considerably higher stakes as the 13-0 Pelicans and 12-1 Roughnecks clash for the Class AA State Championship at Roughneck Field. The name of this article is Rivalry Renewed for Title Tilt it is written by Nick Van Noate, a sports writer for a local paper in Oil Camp.

This plus more of an article he write in the novel describes the championship game that is going to be played at the end of this novel written by Thomas Cochran. Which is his first novel he has written. This novel also deals with getting a second chance and making thing right.

The story is divided into three parts morning, afternoon, and evening. Each part leads up to the big game. The main Character of this novel is Travis Cody of Oil Camp. Thought out the book it gives his emotions, what has happened to his family and some of the rituals that he has for game days. The story starts out with Travis waking up and talking to himself and to the reader about what happened in his family. He tells how his dad had died in a trucking accident when he was young and that he had lived without him for a while. When he is done explaining that he tells about his first meeting with the Pine View Pelicans. This game was a one point victory for the Pelicans when the Roughnecks went for a two point conversion and Travis fell and missed his assignment on Jericho Grooms the star defensive linemen for the Pelicans and they missed the conversion because Grooms tackled Roughnecks running back in the back field. It also talked about how much he worked that morning before the game. Another thing that was talked about was how much he was tired of hearing about the game and being asked about their chances of winning. This chapter also leads into the prep rally in the afternoon.

In the afternoon it also talks about him at work and at the prep-rally. The whole town had closed for three hours to attend the prep-rally. It also talks more about their first meeting and about their road to the state Championships. This section leads you into the pre-game preparations.

The evening section was the best one of the three. It gets into the feeling of the game. It is really descriptive and there is really a lot of detail about everything. It talks about the smells of the locker room and about all of the emotions of the players. Section three also talks about the recruits that are looking at Grooms for a college scholarship, and how Travis would like to just flatten Grooms the hole game so they would give him a look. The book ended very weird. It ends with one play of offence for the Roughnecks. This was a play that they had worked on all week that was a sure shot for a touchdown. On this play it was all Travis Cody as he flattens Grooms to the ground and watches the ball fly to a wide-open receiver. This is where the book ends; it never tells who wins the Louisiana AA State High School Football Championship.

I really liked this book because it had a lot of detail; also it was about my favorite sport football. Even though it repeated everything a lot, it was a good book that I would read again. I liked how the author had the details about the many descriptive details of the locker room and all the emotions of the players. Also how he broke the book into the three parts of the day that made it more interesting. Closing the book the way he did was neat but it left you wondering what happened and leaving you to create your own ending. I guess for Cochran first novel he wrote, it was a good one it really showed how much getting a second chance is wroth.

I would only recommend this book to people who like to get into what football means to some people and how much one game can mean to you. Also if you ever wanted a second chance to redeem yourself for a mistake you made. Then this book is the one for you. This book goes into a lot of detail about almost everything about what football players feel and how they act. Also you would have to like books that leave you wondering what happened and not giving you an ending.