Rouge Male by Geoffrey Household

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The author of Rouge Male is Geoffrey Household. He was born in Bristol, and he went to Clifton College from 1914-1919. He also attended Magdalen College where he got his B.A. in English. He moved to the United States in 1929 and died October 4, 1988. The book is a suspense-thriller. Rouge Male by Geoffrey Household is a good quick book for teenagers and older to read.

A man, whose name is never told throughout the story, is caught stalking and attempting to assassinate a political leader and is thrown from a cliff supposedly to his death. He miraculously survives the fall and escapes to England, but his pursuers do not give up the chase. He comes up with many genius plans to evade and hide from his predators, but he is finally cornered. Even though he has nowhere to go, he is not dead yet. He waits for the right time, kills the enemy, and flees the country.

The main ideas of the story are that even though the odds are against you and it seems impossible to win, never give up because there is always a way to succeed. Also to use your surroundings to your advantage, to think things through whenever you are in a difficult situation, and to expect the unexpected. If you stay calm and use your head, you can overcome any obstacle. Like in the book, Quive-Smith (the bad guy trying to hunt down and kill the main character) has the main character stuck underground in a hole and he still managed to kill Quive-Smith, get out of the hole, and run even after he was severely injured and had not had food for days.

The story is told in the first person by the main character. It didn't read too fast or...