The role of Spiderman as a hero. About the comic and movie "spiderman" by marvel comics.

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"The Adventures of Spiderman" has been a favorite comic since it was first released in 1962. The comics were written to capture all audiences in the 60s and, even more amazingly, the audiences until now: 2004. The story of spiderman as a hero is universal enough to allow everyone to identify with him somehow. Spiderman practiced courage, loyalty, and honesty.

Peter Parker is a quiet, misunderstood, and brilliant high school senior, dreaming of being a photographer for the Daily Bugle. Peter lives a second life, carrying the qualities of a spider, fighting crime, and using his courage to repel the teenagers that would call him a geek and a nerd. Many high school students can identify with this because we are all made fun of at one point or another. Peter is made fun of on a daily basis, from being tripped and beat up, to being mocked out of jealousy for being smart.

We have our goals, which seem impossible to achieve, just as Peter dreams of being a photographer, but is turned away by the owner of the local newspaper. His courageous perseverance gives him the drive he needs to pursue his goals. Taking the responsibilities of an adult as a teenager and even more extreme, those of a superhero, takes a lot of courage.

Others can feel a connection to Peter's life because sometimes we fall in love with people that do not realize it. Peter is in love with Mary Jane Watson. He lives next door to her house and has been in love with her for years, but is turned away by her for years. His loyalty to Mary Jane leads him to saving her life many times throughout the comic series. Having great power allows you to fall to making selfish choices. Spiderman...