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Reaction Paper 1 Paul Paul is a short skinny young boy who's almost ready to attend school. Clothed in nice expensive clothing on account of his parent's wealth and expensive taste for things. From my imagination Paul was wearing neatly ironed light brown dress pants and a thin black belt to hold the loose fit of the pants. Accompanied with the pants are a white long sleeve dress shirt and a white undershirt underneath. Paul had shiny black polished dress shoes to match the outfit he was wearing during the day. Paul's face has a certain wide eyed innocence look because of the big blue eyes. He has a high nose and small thin eyebrows that was not fully-grown yet. The chubby cheeks made Paul seem a little younger than his actual age. Paul had brown curly hair long enough to cover his ears and a small portion of the back of his neck.

From the wealth of Paul's family I naturally thought his nails would be clipped neatly by the servants and not by him.

Paul's mentality can be considered a little unstable during some parts of the story through his reactions and actions that he displays. Trying to prove to his mother that he's lucky he rides a small wooden rocking horse to a point of exhaustion. When Paul was trying to prove he was lucky he meant to prove that he is lovable to his mother. Emotionally, Paul felt that he needed love from his mother, so using the rocking horse to get an answer of which horse will win he places bets to win money. Winning a large sum of cash he gives to his mother through a lawyer, Paul did not want his mother to stop him so he kept it a secret between the...