Robinson Crusoe

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The book I read was Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Dfoe.

The book was 227pages long.

The story starts off when Robinson Crusoe defies his parents and sets out to sea. He comes upon a series of violent storms and ends up in Brazil. While in Brazil he buys a sugar plantation and then sets off again to Africa. But, again his ship encounters some violent storms and he washes up on to a deserted island. He then stays there for 15 years and survives off of the few things that he had from the start, which were a small knife, a box of tobacco, a pipe, and a box that becomes his journal. Some savages come to the island and perform human sacrifices. He helps 3 prisoners escape them and they help him build a boat and they sail back to the main land. He finds that his plantation made a lot of money.

He then sells it an then he gets married and then comes back to the island that he spent 15 years of his life on.

The theme in this book was "never give up because life will reward you in the end"� This theme was seen in the story when he bought a plantation and then got stuck on the island. He had a strong will to survive and when he got off the island, he had wealth and he met his wife.

Robinson Crusoe was a skilled craftsman, an extremely religious man and he was very motivated. He was 6 feet 2 inches and very strong. He had a thick black ponytail.

I liked this book because it kept my attention 95 percent of the time. I like how you see how he changes from a nasty, mean man to an open-minded purist. I recommend this book to every one that likes any type of action books.