The River Runs Through It

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"The River Runs Through It" In the movie "The River Runs Through It", Paul and Norman are brothers that grow up together. They grow up in a small town called Montana, where everybody in the town knows each other. While growing up Paul and Norman experience their differences and learn more about one another through the lives they live.

Norman McLean was the elder brother of the two. Norman was the type of person who lived a basic lifestyle. Growing up he would never take any risks, causing injury or disrespect. Norman never changed his ways he would keep everything very simple and plain. Fly-fishing was one of the leisure activities that the family shared and Norman kept the very same technique his father had taught him about when he was young through his entire life. Norman was the brother, who rarely was in trouble instead he would be the one to help his brother from misfortunes.

Norman was the quite brother he never had any exciting stories to tell during dinner with the family, he left the story telling up to his brother Paul.

Paul McLean was the younger brother. Paul, lived his life on the edge taking many kinds of risks, which to him were just fun. At first Paul was somewhat similar to Norman, they did everything together, but over time his true character was revealed. Paul could never stand a normal lifestyle he always had to do something different. Once when Paul and Norman went fly-fishing, he developed his own technique, which was different from what his father had taught him, and he called it "shadow casting". Another time Paul brought an Indian date into a bar, where only white people were allowed and he knew that his date wouldn't be welcomed. Paul, however didn't care and entered the bar, breaking the law. Causing trouble and breaking the law wasn't something new to Paul. Norman would always receive phone calls from the police station to come get Paul out of jail. Paul was also had gambling problems, he would never ask his brother for help when he was in debt. Whenever Paul was offered help, he would refuse it, and try to straighten everything himself. Paul was the only one in the family to bring excitement into their lives, but unfortunately he lived his life to the edge and eventually "fell off" in a tragic death.

In summary, Paul and Norman were involved in many situations and events that illustrated the character foils between them throughout the movie. Even though they were different from each other, it didn't stop the relationship between them. As people say "opposites attract", and it certainly shows in this movie.