The Ring's poster (Narrative image)

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Today, cinema is one of the biggest industries in the world. People spends great money to this industry and also they earn great money from this industry. Cinema always draws large audiences to the theaters. No matter what is the name of the film there is a potential audience for every film. Because of that cinema become one of the biggest industries in the world. People can go to cinema regardless of what film is showing but today there are many films are showing in one theatre, people have to choose one of them to watch. In this point posters of the films and trailers takes a very important place to choose the witch people want to see. To sell an object you have to advertise and introduce it Posters and narrative images are a way for producers of the film to introduce the film to the audience and saying them that this movie is the best.

Like this narrative image of the horror film "The Ring" creators of this poster tries to sell the film to the audience by using narrative.

According to french intellectual writer and essayist, Roland Barthes, narratives is old, as the mankind and narrative is there where life is. Everywhere that human lives there is narratives, there are many things that could be an example of narratives, it could be spoken or written, as Barthes said, also it could be pictures or a single image with texts like this narrative image of "The Ring" (Barthes, 1). According to Ellis "The narrative image created for a film is the deciding factor in its commercial success, and a considerable factor in the success of the actual performance of the film" (Ellis, 30). This sentence shows us how a narrative image is important for the success of...