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"Madame Bovary"

The film Madame Bovary is an adaptation of the book written by the director, Claude Chabrol. The main character, Emma Bovary, starts the film on a farm, very bored and looking for a new life. She obtains this goal by marrying a widower doctor, who has a practice in the closest city. This film is the story of her life and what happens because of her choice of marrying this doctor, Dr. Charles Bovary. The few scenes are of Madame Bovary in the city.

When Madame Bovary is in the city it is obvious that she is not happy. To further complicate things she has become pregnant. All of her dissatisfaction and depression culminate in a scene when she says, "why did I get married." She isn't very happy for several reasons. She doesn't think that her husband, Dr. Charles Bovary, is a very sophisticated man.

She doesn't like that she is living a very dull life, which is even more heart felt when she goes to a grand ball. These things drive her to begin to investigate other relationships.

Madame Bovary is first attracted to Leon Dupuis, who is much more sophisticated and interesting then her husband. Unfortunately, after a brief time Leon moves away, once again leaving Madame Bovary alone. She then finds a new, even more lavishly entertaining, person by the name of Rodolphe Boulanger. She continues in this exciting affair until one day she decides to break it off because of guilt. Then, after she's disappointed because her husband had an unsuccessful foot operation, she starts her affair with Boulanger once again.

This time she makes plans to run away with Boulanger to a new city to start a new life. Her plans all come crashing down when she receives a basket...