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Religious Symbols There are many different faiths, all in which have different symbols to represent them. The word symbol is defined as something that represents something else by association, resemblance, or convention. Two religions with numerous symbols are Christianity, and Judaism. These religions have been around for centuries and have acquired many different symbols to be recognized with.

Christianity has an abundant amount of symbols however the three most significant seem to be the cross, or crucifix, the fish, and the trinity. All of these symbols have their own importance to the religion. The cross represented pain and suffering because of its association with the death of Christ. Some view this as a rather gruesome symbol comparing it to today's world with the analogy of hanging an electric chair around your neck. The symbol however changed in the third century to mean the conquering of death. The cross became most popular when Constantine was told by God to put the image on his shields.

The image of the cross has been modified in different cultures and in different time periods. The cross depicted in the Old Testament contains a snake climbing up the cross referring to Moses holding up the brass serpent on the cross in effort to heal the people. This image came before the death of Christ, therefore can be considered a prediction of Christ's future death on the cross that saved us from sin and death. Another representation of the cross is the "X"� cross. This was derived from St. Andrew when he was to be crucified and is meant to be a symbol of humility in suffering because the goal of St. Andrew was to be crucified differently than Christ. Along with the concrete image of the cross goes the gesture of the sign of the...