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My life began the day I was born making that day the most significant event in my life. It was April 20,1976 when I was brought into the world and handed to my parents for the first time. I had ten little fingers and ten little toes and everything else seemed to be all right. I was the youngest of three children and would soon make my mark in my family. Obviously I do not remember the day I was born, but I do know the impact I made. I see it everyday when I look at my family. I also hear it in the stories that are told when we all get together. Most of all, I feel it in my heart when I stop what I'm doing and remember those times that now seem so long ago. Being born was only the beginning to this hectic yet wonderful life I have today.

When I first learned how to speak, as with most children, I thought it was the most amazing thing. Although my vocabulary was limited at first, I felt like I could do or say anything. I no longer had to point at things and hope that someone knew what I wanted and would give it to me. I could now simply ask for what I wanted by saying a simple word. Now the problem with speaking was asking for something and being told no. The concept that I could not always get what I wanted had not yet occurred to me. This was a small fact of life I learned very quickly as I continued to get older. Learning how to speak was extremely important because it gave me a feeling that said if I could do this, I could do anything. Without that feeling I...