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In the tragic play "Antigone"� by Sophocles there has commonly been a controversy as to who is the "tragic hero"�. Sophocles clearly portrays the male protagonist, Creon, as the tragic hero through his social status and his actions being good, yet not exceedingly, having an evident tragic flaw that eventually leads to his downfall, and his repentance; these are all in accordance with Aristotle's view of a tragic hero. First, Creon is born into a family situation that fits him for the suit of tragic hero and he is someone that is not entirely good and not entirely evil. Also, Creon has a tragic flaw that causes his downfall and it is excessive pride, or hubris. Finally, Creon takes being a tragic hero one step further and learns from his mistakes. Creon can be characterized many ways, but mainly as the tragic hero of the play.

Creon starts out his life well in the way of becoming a tragic hero.

He is born into nobility. Creon becomes King and this meets the first requirement of a tragic hero, by being in the public eye. He is not an evil person and he is not overly good. He is liked, but there is also a healthy fear the people have of him and his rule. He has the ability to alter the lives of many people, including his family. Standing in a position of influence is very much like a hero. He is able to affect the lives of many by using his power and he becomes somewhat arrogant when he receives the throne.

Out of this arrogance, develops his tragic flaw that leads to his inevitable downfall. Creon's tragic flaw is his ego and oversized pride. Now that he is pleased with the control he has...