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A Dark blanket was removed as he regained his head from that shocking encounter. He slowly arose to his feet. A dozen focus lights were all aiming for the same target, Xavier. He stood astonished from the construction of the room he was in. He began his move toward an odd looking door, as he approached the door it ordered him to stand still while it checks for his identity. He was identified as Robo 1 (Bravo class), Robo continued his journey until it ended with the call for an answer. The room was filled with machinery along with strange mechanical robots operating the machines .He stood there for a second observing the room until he saw a bizarre looking creature operating some machinery in some kind of control room, He made his way to the control room. " Ha, look who's coming around. Robo I've missed you so".

The creature spoke.

Xavier: "ROBO!" The creature: "Oh! So you don't remember who your creator was" Xavier:" A creation" The creature: " We cloned you from a similar earthling. But you are far more advance than a mere neuron driven zombie" Xavier: "A clone? Am I just a copy? This cannot be .I shall not accept this. This cannot be my destiny" Anger started to build within him. Fire started lighting from his body. The creature slammed the alarm switch. Strange pointed lasers were fired at him nailing him to the ground, after a series of struggles he allayed himself to a rest.

The creature: Do not struggle your life out it won't break.

Robo 1: Why did you create me? The creature: we wanted to create an enhanced copy of human being, a man more powerful than any human being on earth Robo 1: Am I...