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Raptor By Paul Zindel © 1999 Novel 170 Pages 2. Zack moves to Utah with his father to a dinosaur dig for his father's job. His dad gets injured in on the job, and Zack knows by his fathers reactions that he has found something important. Zack and his friend Ute go up to explore what his father might have found. They find a dinosaur egg, it hatches and the excitement really begins.

3. The egg that the children found was a baby Raptor. The title tells that a Raptor plays a major roll in the story. The author chose this title because it best describes what the book is about.

4. I liked Zack; he was very brave and he was full of curiosity. He risked his life several times for his friends and the baby Raptor.

5. Zack changed because he seen what the country life was really like with his friend Ute.

He also became more loyal to his Father because he didn't think he was a weird old man any more.

6. "Ute just leave I would not feel right if both of us died. Just run away and I will distract them from killing you." That is the time when Zack changes and stands up for his friends. Zack becomes brave and decides it would be better for him to die than to live with the fact he lost his best friend.

7. I think the author wanted us to see how someone can change even if they do start out hating the people and things around them. He wanted us to see that people can change at any moment.

8. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a fast reading book. It is very exciting a hard book to put down. I think that most fifth grade boys would enjoy reading this book.