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Rape is something people live with every day. It kills girls and ruins their life. In this essay i will tell you why. I think rape is wrong and offenders of this crime should be punished surverely.

Today women of america are terrified to even leave thier house after what they hear on the news. in the last 5 years over 2,000 women have been reported being raped. They spend thousands to help cope with what they have expirience. Men love to take advantage of a women especially if they dress provacatively, it makes them feel powerful.

Some men are even raped. This is not as often as women but yet it happens also. In the last 4 years over 350 cases have been reported that a man has been raped and sometimes killed. Even men are vulnerable to women. The woman will often seduce the victim and then take him to a secluded area and then take advantange of him.

I think this crime is horrible. They all should be punished bad for it. You never know someday you could be raped so be careful who you trust.