Question: Write a contemperary short story set in present day urban or rural Australia. The central character should be female, a victim of fate, circumstances or another betrayl.

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Gilly lived with her family in the outback and her father owned a cattle property on the outskirts of Melbourne. It was going to be yet another boring holiday, stuck on the property with only the cows to keep her company.

Dylan was on a bus on his way to a rural property on the outskirts of Melbourne, his father said he had to have some work experience before he left school and he had been left with the last available position and it was in farming. Seriously what 17 year old boy wants to work on a farm in the middle of whoop whoop, no movie theater, no mobile reception no chic's what sort of a harsh world is this?

"Gilly did I forget to mention that there is a boy coming from Saint Lewis college in Sydney for work experience?" Said Gilly's father as he sliced into his beef

"Oh the excitement of it all" Gilly said as she rolled her eyes.

Now she would have to show around some nerdy high school boy. He was from the city for gods sake couldn't they have picked someone with a bit of knowledge of cattle. Oh well at least I might have someone to talk to unless he really is a freak. Just before Dylan arrived Gilly swept her long brown hair up into a bun and put on a hint of make- up. Just in case she thought smiling at her self in the mirror.

Dylan arrived at his bus stop and trudged up the long road to the address he had been given. When he had got half way there a Black Holden V8 stopped alongside him, need a lift? Dylan is it? An extremely gorgeous brunette asked him with a smile.